Cyber Monday: Here’s The Deal With Those Deals


by Intrepid Payment Processing

Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. The best part about Cyber Monday is that there is no need to leave home. We can shop from the comfort of our own homes and still receive huge discounts from online retailers.Retailers will still make huge profits despite the low prices. A retailer buys a product straight from the manufacturer for a set price. For example, Store X buys 100 computers from a manufacturer for $500 each. The retailer will then mark the item up to make a profit. In this case, Store X decides to mark the computer for sale for $1000. If on an average day, Store X sells 2 of the computers they have made a profit of $1000. However, on Cyber Monday they advertise that they will discount the computer $250 and sell it for $750. Consumers see this huge discount and take full advantage of it. Store X sells 50 computers earning them a profit of $12,500. In addition, they have brought the consumer to their website and they may browse and buy additional items.

When shopping online, we have to make sure that we are getting the best value for our money. We must take things like shipping into account. If two websites are offering the same item, we must look at not only the discounted price, but how much it is going to cost to ship the item to us. Some websites offer free shipping on all orders. Others will offer a flat shipping fee. Be careful and watch for conditions that are set. Some websites set amounts that must be met before purchases qualify for free shipping. For example, a site may require that purchases total at least $50 before free shipping applies. Other sites may have free shipping codes.

There are many websites that will put all of the sale ads in one place. This will make it easier to compare and contrast sale ads. Or going to the company’s website will usually yield their sale ads.

Finally, before completing a purchase, it is necessary that we ensure that the site is secure and trusted. Different web browsers indicate secure websites in different ways. However, it is always indicated in the address bar of the browser and is usually indicated with a padlock. You can also check the web address itself. If the web address starts with “https,” this means that it has been through the validation process and received its SSL certificate. Look at the site and make sure that there is contact information and a return policy. These are other indicators that the website is legitimate.

Happy shopping!