Andy Frankel Joins Leadership Team

First American is proud to announce the acquisition of Apex Merchant Group, a First American ISO since 2008. Apex has had much success over the last 7 years, and we look forward to working with Apex to build on that success and enhance the overall growth of First American.

With the acquisition, we are also happy to announce the addition of Andy Frankel to the leadership team. Andy, the founder and CEO of Apex Merchant Group, will now lead both Apex and Certified Payment Processing (“CPP”) on a go-forward basis and will report directly to Neil Randel.

Andy comes with many years of experience in the payments industry, including a long history with First American.  Andy became part of the First American family when First American acquired Certified Merchant Services (“CMS”) in 2003.  Andy continued to run CPP (the successor to CMS) until he founded Apex in 2008, and he has been a valued ISO partner with us for the last 7 years.

Today is an exciting day, and we welcome Apex to its new home within the First American family.

Verizon Giving Customers Free Data To Try Android Pay

by Intrepid Payment Processing


Verizon upped the ante in its’ bid to compete in the mobile wallet space by announcing that it’s giving away 2 GB of free data just for trying Android Pay.


Digital Trends reports,

“Between now and the middle of June, try out Android Pay for the first time and you’ll get 1GB of extra data. After the third time, you’ll get the other 1GB. You’ll get that 2GB for the next two billing cycles, so technically you’ll be getting an extra 4GB, just not all at once.”